Hundreds Commit to African Unity at Convention

November 24, 2015 Sam P. K. Collins 0

After the events of this past weekend, a future in which descendants of enslaved Africans can join their brothers and sisters across the Atlantic Ocean in developing the Motherland seems more like a reality than a pipe dream. More than 600 Pan-Africanists from across the country and around the world recently converged on the nation’s capital and neighboring Baltimore for four days of fellowship, planning, dancing and reflection during the 2015 Global African Stakeholders Diaspora Convention.
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‘African Unification’ Hosts Finance Workshop

November 24, 2015 Sam P. K. Collins 0

Even with the political and social gains made in recent decades, many black families across the country remain mired in debt and generational poverty. Experts and common folk alike agree that a substantial change in the status quo will require a shift in the way African-Americans collectively think about money. [read more…]

Tony Lewis Jr.’s Message Gives Students Hope

October 21, 2015 Sam P. K. Collins 0

By his 11th birthday, Tony Lewis Jr.’s father, alleged head of a D.C. drug syndicate, had served nearly two years of a life sentence in a federal penitentiary on the other side of the country. HIs mother also developed what would later be diagnosed as schizophrenia. Even with the guidance of a loving grandmother, Lewis said he navigated life in the District with his street smarts during a time when the city gained a reputation as the “murder capital.” [read more…]