Body Camera Shows Baltimore Police Officer Planting Drugs

A Baltimore police officer has come under fire after “finding” a stash of drugs that was later determined to have been hidden by the officer, himself.
The officer, Richard Pinheiro, has now also come under scrutiny for his involvement in 53 active cases.
According to footage from Pinheiro’s body camera, he’s the person who found the drugs and also seems to be the one who hid them. Meanwhile, the public defender’s office said the man who was the target of the officer’s investigation, had spent months in jail, and is now free.
The body camera recording from the afternoon of Jan. 24, shows Pinheiro standing in the trash-strewn backyard of a row house along with two other officers. At the start of the footage, Pinheiro is seen holding a soup can with a clear plastic bag stuffed into it. He then places the can among rubbish, before leading the other officers out of the narrow access alley.
On the sidewalk, Pinheiro activates his body-cam — apparently unaware that the device would also preserve his earlier actions.

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