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BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Trump Must Address Critical Infrastructure Needs of Blacks

American people overwhelmingly support taking action to rebuild our nation’s infrastructure — or so says the White House. There’s strong support across the country for repairing aging infrastructure.

In his State of the Union address, President Trump highlighted his plan to rebuild the nation’s “crumbling” infrastructure. It’s Trump’s intentions to push Congress to approve a $1.5 trillion plan. About 54,259 of the 612,677 bridges in the U.S. are “structurally deficient.” Americans cross these deficient bridges 174 million times a day.

Our infrastructure needs must be addressed and Blacks need to give Trump a nudge toward continuing the conversation with Congress on efforts that build a stronger America for everyone. Polls show investment in America’s infrastructure — and the need for the federal government to address our crumbling roads, bridges and waterways — has typically been a bipartisan issue.

Blacks must recognize that it’s time to work to get investment in our nation’s infrastructure. Before our actions got so “politicized,” our nation’s infrastructure, as the White House put it, “was once a pillar that made this country great and the need to finally reform it is clearly shared across the political spectrum.” The calls from Blacks to Trump for rebuilding money and project should go out now. We need to invest in our infrastructure in a smart ways that benefit everyone.

Among Blacks and across Urban America, there’s need for an investment of $2 trillion over the next 10 years to bring our infrastructure back to good condition. African Americans are still a highly segregated population concentrated in neighborhoods and schools with low-quality infrastructure. No matter where Blacks live, the effects of climate change will have a profound effect in the years to come.

Public transit has also been an industry that has provided good jobs for African Americans. Blacks need to lobby Trump to make public transit investments that African Americans need. African American communities are constantly suffering from high levels of jobless. If we justly invest in infrastructure, we can create millions of jobs and achieve full employment for African Americans.

African Americans are still a highly segregated population concentrated in neighborhoods and schools with low-quality infrastructure. African Americans need infrastructure investments, but the Trump administration needs to provide people to listen who will work seriously to address the needs of African Americans and assure investments totaling $2 trillion toward bringing our infrastructure back to good condition. Blacks should persuade lawmakers at local, state and national levels to act quickly to ensure the political and economic momentum driving this issue is not squandered.

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