BOOK REVIEW: ‘Elizabeth and Michael’ by Donald Bogle

September 7, 2016 Terri Schlichenmeyer 0

Your closest friend really gets you.

You never have to explain yourself when you’re together; everything said (and unsaid) is understood. There may be many years between you, but it doesn’t matter. There may be differences in background, but no worries. Nothing keeps you apart, and, as in the new book “Elizabeth and Michael” by Donald Bogle, that might be because you have everything in common. [read more…]

BOOK REVIEW: ‘Buffalo Soldiers: Heroes of the American West’ by Brynn Baker

November 4, 2015 WI Webstaff 0

Your family is filled with people to whom you look up. There’s Grandpa, who served in the war, Grandma, who raised many children with little money. Your uncle another veteran overseas, and both your parents, who keep you fed and safe. You look up to all of them but imagine how high you would have to look if they were on horseback, and then read “Buffalo Soldiers: Heroes of the American West” by Brynn Baker.
[read more…]

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