LAMBERT: A Bike Lane Too Far

November 24, 2015 George H. Lambert Jr 0

We live in a dynamic city, and one of the constants of this or any city is change. However, not all change is to everyone’s advantage. Take bike lanes, for instance. As The Washington Post has noted, bike lanes have become the latest symbol of the ongoing friction between the irresistible forces of gentrification and the immovable object of community. [read more…]

LAMBERT: Advocating for Ourselves

October 21, 2015 George H. Lambert, Jr. 0

Here in the Greater Washington area, politics permeates the air we breathe. Winter, spring, summer, fall — it’s always campaign season here, and we can speak expertly about who’s up and who’s down in the opinion polls and how well or how poorly a candidate faired in the latest debate. [read more…]