CLINGMAN: Success or Failure?

August 31, 2016 James Clingman 0

In 2001, I spoke at the National Black Expo in Chicago. The theme was centered on one of most troubling factors related to the economic survival of black people in the United States: The Low Success Rate of African-American Businesses. […]

Blackonomics: The Black Community is Bleeding to Death

August 16, 2016 James Clingman 0

There is a crisis of monumental proportion in our so-called “Black communities.” A crisis that if not checked will prove to be our demise. We are bleeding so badly that we are in a comatose state and on life support right now. But we still have a strong heartbeat, so we can be revived by those who have the financial and intellectual talents and the willingness to make the requisite individual sacrifices necessary to restore us to a more healthy state. […]

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