The Nov. 19 passage of a House bill threatens to prohibit refugees from entering the country. (Courtesy of

D.C. Officials Favor Accepting Syrian Refugees

Despite the House easily passing a bill that would suspend the program allowing Syrian and Iraqi refugees into America until key security agencies certify that they don’t pose a security risk, District area lawmakers and officials said they’d still welcome those from the war-torn terrorist hotbeds. “I feel strongly that we should be welcoming refugees from all over the world, as is our country’s proud heritage,” said D.C. At-large Councilman David Grosso, an independent.
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Washington Informer Publisher Denise Rolark Barnes (2nd from left) poses with attendees at the annual African Media Leaders Forum, held this week in Johannesburg. Photo by Denise Rolark-Barnes

African Media Speaker: Journalism is ‘Good Barometer of Society’

The 7th annual African Media Leaders Forum, which brought together media industry professionals to discuss how digital technology and other relevant strategies are transforming Africa’s media landscape, ended Friday in Johannesburg, having included a two-day training workshop on “Resilience Reporting,” exhibitions, and the much-awaited “Zimeo Gala Awards Night.” [read more…]