EDITORIAL: Trayon White, Ward 8’s ‘Super Slugger’

Given the continued inability of the Washington Nationals to make it past the first round of the playoffs, we’d like to offer them a surefire slugger guaranteed to help them make it over the hump.

His name is Council member Trayon White and we want to salute his hard work and daily, dedicated service on behalf a community that has long been treated like the District’s stepchild.

White recently shared his views on “The Kojo Nnamdi Show” and, as they say in Black vernacular, he “represented.” He’s been on the move since his victory at the polls, leading an estimated 500 citizens a few days ago in a walk to show the challenges Ward 8 residents face just to find a decent grocery store. And fellow council member Vince Gray, who represents Ward 7, has similarly been on the job — negotiating for more grocery stores that will have provide quality foods for people in Southeast.

And while the jury’s still out about the new Starbucks that will be the first in Southeast, White says that while he enjoys a good cup of java, what he really wants to do is to use financial incentives to bring other businesses to his ward – even enticing food incubators or coops to come to the area. We also must applaud Mayor Bowser who has put the two wards at the top of her list making available millions of dollars that will facilitate the development of sorely-needed food suppliers to Wards 7 and 8.

White has his own voice and we like that. For example, while just-released report has downplayed the importance of police body cameras, White says he still supports their use because they bring greater “accountability” to the police department and makes clear the actions of its officers.

But even more, we are encouraged by his insistence that Blacks should not continue to be forced to suffer from the “crime of poverty.” He says that Blacks have for far too often failed to benefit from the “free pass policy” that whites in the District often receive and he is standing firm for equity for all.

We have a real home run king in Trayon White here in Ward 8 and we look forward to his continued development as a member of our city government. Way to go, Trayon!

Oh, and a shout out to Brother Gray, too. The efforts of these two council members are collectively making a difference for those who live, work and play in Southeast. It’s about time.

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