LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Blacks Need to Arm Themselves Too

I was happy to read William J. Ford’s article “Carson Clarifies Position on Gun Control” in the Oct. 15 edition of The Washington Informer. I agree completely with Dr. Carson’s assertion that if the Jews had been armed, things might have been different in Hitler’s Germany in the 1930’s, and that’s why I suggest that every law-abiding Black person in America go and buy a firearm. Blacks in America are facing very similar tactics from law enforcement and we don’t have to wear a Star of David because we are distinguished by our color. We are detained because people feel uneasy around us, arrested for no reason and executed without trial. Dr. Carson goes on to say in the article that shooters go to places where they know that people aren’t armed to commit these mass shootings. Well, when you see media accounts of people at gun shows you see law abiding white people and very few Blacks. My suggestion is that law abiding Black people should be flocking to these gun shows and purchasing weapons also.

Back in the 1930s, Jews in Germany never thought the German people would turn on them the way they did, and all I am saying is we should never ignore history; we should learn from it.

Jason Winston, Washington, D.C.

You Deserve Praise for Such Fine Work

I have been thinking of writing to you about how much I enjoy reading The Informer for quite a long time and now finally I can scratch this off of my “to do” list. First, let me say the articles you select to put in the paper are outstanding in content and professionally written. News means different things to different people, and you really have your hands on the pulse of what needs to be talked about in our city. Not only what needs to be talked about, but how it needs to be talked about, and that means a lot. The Informer provides a refreshingly different take on the news, positive news that’s about us and for us. It has taken me a long time to write this letter to you, and now that I have, I feel very good about it. I just love reading your paper and I just wanted to tell you. You and your staff are providing a great service to the people of this city and I wish you continued success.

Carolyn Ball, Washington, D.C.

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