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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Give Women, Minorities a Voice in Pot Reform Talks

In response to your recent article on the Marijuana Justice Act, the proposed legislation would certainly address needed criminal justice reforms related to recreational cannabis. Measures must also be taken to address economic injustices. Maryland’s recent medical cannabis industry disparity study demonstrates that disparities exist and remedial legislation must be implemented to ensure full minority and women participation. While I support current proposed legislation, it is not without problems, including provisions that could be viewed as anti-competitive, and licensing requirements that would not apply to the current 15 growers; however, the major issue, which is not addressed, is the immediate addition of licenses for minorities and women. I will be working hard to make sure the legislature understands that inclusive legislation is needed now.

Vicky L. Orem
CEO, A Healing Leaf, LLCin

WI Doesn’t Blink at Tough News

I know it’s been the history of The Washington Informer to report on the positive news that goes on in our community and it’s rare that I pick up the paper for information about crime, particularly crime perpetrated by others in our community.

But I was pleased to read about the three men being charged in the murder of Allyssa Banks, the 18-year-old from Prince George’s County who was shot and killed while helping her boyfriend parallel-park a car on Oct. 19, 2016.

The three men are charged with murder and that’s a good thing. It is crime like this that hurts our people more than anything that President Donald Trump or any of the country’s white supremacists can do.

Further, to ignore this is to be complicit and I’m thankful that The Washington Informer has not ignored this and continues to inform us better than any other media.

Ron Laws
Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Omarosa Gets Her Just Deserts

Omarosa Manigault Newman, the former White House aide who left the Trump administration in December, confided in a preview of the reality contest TV show “Celebrity Big Brother” that she had been “haunted” by the president’s tweeting habit.

My response is not unlike that of “Good Morning America’s” Robin Roberts: “Bye Felicia!”

When Omarosa was riding her high horse with the racists in the White House, she thumbed her nose at Black people. Recall, she said everyone would “bow down to Trump.”

She was certainly doing the “Massa’s” bidding. Recall, she walked out on the Black Press during “Black Press Week” when she ASKED to be invited.

Recall, she walked out on NABJ in New Orleans. Has she ever walked out on white media? Nah, didn’t think so.

She might be haunted, but it’s not Trump doing the haunting, it’s her own cowardice. She got her comeuppance and she looking for a home, one that she abandoned years ago. No, we don’t care, Omarosa. We don’t care at all.

Sheila Waters
Washington, D.C.

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