LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: WI Puts Needed Focus on Diabetes

Nurse Lisa Racic, RN, BSN checks, cleans and re-bandages wounds of Eddie Branches, who lives with poor circulation and diabetes. (Wiley Price/St. Louis American)

In last week’s Informer you published your annual WI Health Supplement. To me, the health supplement is one of the most worthy of all the supplements you and your staff put together. Now, with that said, I would like to thank you for the article submitted by the United Medical Center, “Diabetes Myths That May Be Sabotaging Your Health.” If I could build a billboard and place that article in real big letters for everyone to see, I would. I know so many people who believe so many of those myths, even some of my own relatives. Diabetes is such a difficult disease for so many to deal with, but it’s even more difficult if you don’t know the truth about it.

Wallace Bruce
Washington, D.C.

Informer a Weekly Must-Have

The Washington Informer is a very fine newspaper. I am always astonished when I pick up your paper and see the kinds of articles you have. Every week I learn something about what is going on around the Washington, D.C., area. The news is always very informative and it’s about our neighborhoods and our neighbors. I think my favorite sections are the ones with all of the photographs. I just love the photographs in The Washington Informer. Whenever I’m unable to get a copy of The Informer, I really feel that I have missed something.

Barbara Foley
Washington, D.C.


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