Broadway-style Musical About Christ's Birth Presented at Evangel Cathedral

Mary Wells | 12/29/2008, 3:38 p.m.

The largest Broadway-style holiday musical about Christ's birth, crucifixion and resurrection is depicted at Evangel Cathedral in Upper Marlboro. Drawing people from several states, a cast of 200 people present a production of Christ's life from birth, his death and resurrection.

The production includes period robes and live animals, bringing in over 27,000 people from the Mid-Atlantic seaboard each year, including gospel stars Marvin Sapp and Vickie Winans. It is the largest Broadway-style holiday show in the Metropolitan area, which is presented on a 7,600 square foot stage, with multiple backdrops.

Songs from the production include "What Can I Give Him?,€ "Mary, Did You Know?" and "Ready For a Miracle,€ "He Reigns" and "Never Would Have Made It."

"This is my third time coming. It's wonderful. I had never seen the two streams of red cloth hanging from the ceiling with the women acrobats as they slowly performed the sorrow of the blood at crucifixion. I'd never seen that before. Powerful,€ said District native Hazel Brewington.

€Vickie Winans€ voice and costumes were superb. I'm so glad to see her this year. And I plan to come back next year, too. Something keeps drawing me back."

Sixteen-year-old Jordan Robinson of Greenbelt, said, "The first half was more for the youth and families, I think. The second half kind of reminds you of why Jesus came and his purpose for coming."

The show runs until Sun., Dec. 21. For ticket information call 301-249-9400 or visit www.evangelchristmascelebration.com.