Sandra Robinson Honored as €Queen of Malpractice€

Courtesy of Jack H. Olender & Associates | , P.C. | 4/23/2009, 9:21 a.m.

Sandra Robinson, senior trial attorney with the D.C. Malpractice Law Firm Jack H. Olender & Associates was honored by Washington, D.C. Super Lawyers 2009 as the €Queen of Malpractice€ in the annual publication of Law and Politics currently being distributed to all lawyers in the D.C. Metropolitan area. Robinson was chosen in an extensive poll of lawyers as one of the top 5 percent of attorneys designated as €Super Lawyers€ and their magazine published a feature article on her titled, €The Queen of Malpractice.

Robinson joins her senior colleague in the legal royalty realm. Jack Olender has long been recognized as €The King of Malpractice€ by D.C. print and electronic media and pioneered the field of medical malpractice law for patients. Robinson is the pioneer of women lawyers successfully representing patients in malpractice suits, a trait which she may come by naturally, as she is the niece of former D.C. Council and Board of Education member Hilda Mason and one of the District€s first African-American female lawyers Mabel Haden.

Robinson has served as President of the Trial Lawyers Association, D.C., the Women€s Bar Association Foundation, and Public Justice. She is currently President of the Civil Justice Foundation. She has been honored as Trial Lawyer of the Year by the Trial Lawyers Association of D.C., a Star of the Bar, by the Women€s Bar Association and is once again chosen for Best Lawyers in America 2009 along with her four colleagues at the Olender firm, Harlow Case, Melissa Rhea, Karen Evans and Jack Olender.

Of her many accomplishments, Sandra seems proudest of her new status as a grandmother to Thais LaSandra Wallace, baby daughter of Sandra€s daughter Mary and son-in-law Tiray Wallace.