Top 20 African American Books Not To Miss

WI Staff | 12/1/2009, 6:49 p.m.

1. To Die For the People, Huey P. Newton
2. The Legs Are the Last to Go, Diahann Carroll
3. In This Life Together: An Autobiography, Ossie Davie and Ruby Dee
4. The Sharecropper€s Daughter, Lyndia Grant
5. Little X, Sonsyrea Tate6. Dancing on The White Page, Kwakiutl Dreher
7. Fester, Shantella Sherman
8. Just Another Sunday, Carla Peay
9. The Known World, Edward Jones
10. All Aunt Hagar€s Children, Edward Jones
11. Grazing in the Grass, Hugh Masekela
12. All About Love, bell hooks
13. Makeba: My Story, Miriam Makeba
14. When and Where I Enter, Paula Giddings
15. Black Pain, Terrie Williams
16. Babyfather, Patrick Augustus
17. The Scholar, Courttia Newland
18. Society Within, Courttia Newland
19. Soul Babies, Mark Anthony Neal
20. When Chickenheads Come Home to Roost, Joan Morgan