Report: Woods Offering Wife Millions to Stay

Courtesy of EURweb.com | 12/4/2009, 7:08 p.m.

A Chicago Sun-Times columnist claims that Tiger Woods "is negotiating an immediate payout to his wife €" and revising her prenuptial agreement to give her much more to stay with him two more years."

Columnist Bill Zwecker says a lawyer familiar with the hastily conducted negotiations of the past four days said that as of Wednesday evening, Elin Nordegren has already been offered a $5 million payment immediately if she agrees to stay, and her prenup is being revised to give her up to an additional $55 million.

When the couple got hitched in Oct. 2004 in Barbados, Nordegren signed a prenuptial agreement reportedly worth $20 million after 10 years of marriage, according to Zwecker."But in light of a string of women coming forward to say they had affairs with Tiger since his marriage, Elin has demanded that the prenup be rewritten," Zwecker reported Wednesday.

€The links legend€s spouse is reportedly being paid a hefty seven-figure amount €" immediately transferred [sic] into an account she alone controls €" to stick with her husband,€ Zwecker wrote. €At this point, the couple needed to remain married for 10 years in order for Woods€ wife to collect a splitsville settlement of $20 million. I€m being told that time frame has been shortened €" and the dollar amount increased €substantially.€€

Political news site The Daily Beast is also reporting that the lawyer familiar with the couple€s negotiations said Woods also has agreed to shorten the original prenup to seven years from the date of marriage, meaning it will vest in another two. And the revised agreement provides for a staggered schedule of payments spread out over five years that could be worth upward of $75 million.

"So for Elin to get her full $80 million, she€ll need to stay with Tiger another seven years, be a dutiful wife in showing up with him at social events and in public as if they were still the perfect couple, and sign a nondisclosure form that will prevent her from ever telling her story," reported Gerald Posner, the Daily Beast's chief investigative reporter. "Even if she lasts only two more years, she€ll still walk away with nearly twice what she was entitled to under the original prenup."

Posner wrote, "Tiger€s advisers, who have successfully gotten the couple into counseling sessions, believe that keeping the marriage intact will help Tiger keep his corporate sponsors and bolster his dented image. Elin is herself considered a good asset. She€s never been a publicity hound or used her marriage to make money through self-help books, lecture series, or QVC makeup and jewelry lines. Rather, she€s just maintained a low profile and dedicated herself to being a spouse and mother."