New Taxicab Rates Approved in Montgomery County

Courtesy of Montgomery County | 2/18/2009, 12:30 p.m.

On Tues., Feb. 10, the Montgomery County Council approved a rate increase for taxicabs. The increase is effective immediately, but it may take a few weeks for all taxicabs to begin charging the new rates. The last rate increase was in February 2006 and the Consumer Price Index has increased 12 percent since that change was proposed in October 2005.

The rate changes will:
* Increase the per mile charge from $1.60 to two dollars.
* Increase the traffic delay charge from $24 to $28 an hour.
* Allow for a $.50 a mile fuel surcharge when fuel costs are five dollars or more a gallon.
* Charge five dollars for each additional passenger for County grant trips.

The charge for County grant trips is a new rate category that was added for the Council of Governments Link-a-Ride grant program, which provides alternative transportation for grantees in low density residential areas that are not served by fixed route service to mass transit. The rate should help encourage taxicab drivers to participate in this transit initiative.

The four taxicab rate increases will allow Montgomery County to better compete for taxicab drivers with neighboring jurisdictions such as Fairfax, Arlington, and Anne Arundel counties that allow charges of two dollars or more a mile. Most taxicab drivers lease their cabs, and in addition to paying lease fees, pay for their own gasoline and other expenses.

For more information, contact the Montgomery County Taxicab Unit at Taxi.office@montgomerycountymd.gov.