Excitement of the 56th Inauguration Will Keep You Warm

Misty Brown | 1/18/2009, 10:11 a.m.

District Councilmember Muriel Browser, Ward 4, expressed a sentiment that appears to be the consensus of all who will walk to the Inaugural events on January 20. €I will dress warmly with comfortable walking shoes or warm boots if it is very cold. The City Council has to walk partially to the Swearing-In. What will keep me pretty warm is the excitement.€

Living in the North has taught residents how to dress warmly, but extra caution must be paid to staying warm while outside for extended periods of time. For example, a rain poncho is an excellent choice for high winds. Here are a few other tips on how to prepare to walk to the Inaugural Swearing-In, Parades and the Balls.
PROTECT YOUR FEET: Phil Fenty, founder of Fleet Feet and the Mayor€s father, agrees with many podiatrists that synthetic (micro bacterial) socks are the best to keep the feet dry and warm. This type of sock was specifically created for walking and running and preferred over cotton because they prevent sweating. Smart Wool is recommended for those who prefer natural fabrics; Smart Wool is a 70 percent wool blend, a 20 percent nylon blend and a 10 percent elastic blend.

BLISTER PREVENTORS: Your feet are your most valued mode of transportation. Blisters are the dreaded curse of walkers. Walkers should invest in blister block pads, good lubricant or talcum powder. Any of these products will act as an extra layer of skin. Some lubricants, such as pure lanolin (wool fat) or shea butter or Vaseline will provide a rain or snow barrier for feet and hands.

REPLENISH YOUR BODY: Consume a hearty meal that includes protein and carbohydrates to help your body restore energy or build muscle. Sports drinks will refuel the body better than plain water.

ATTIRE: Dressing in layers will prepare you for unexpected cold or heat, including long johns, a tank top or undershirt under a sweat shirt, a warm coat and headgear, and hand warmers.