The Maryland Battle for Healthcare Reform

Chineme Wilson | 7/8/2009, 6:08 p.m.

The polarized debate on health reform goes beyond divisions between left and right winged politics. The rift between members of the Democratic Party has some pleading with €progressives€ to stop fighting among themselves.

At a Sat., June 13 town hall meeting, hosted by Congresswoman Donna Edwards (D-MD) at Jericho City of Praise in Upper Marlboro, Md., a member of the audience noted that the Obama administration will be blamed if healthcare reform is not accomplished. Also present at the meeting was Prince George€s County Executive Jack Johnson, Del. Joanne Benson (D-MD), and a representative from Sen. Barbara Mikulski€s (D-MD) office.

Issues ranging from women€s healthcare disparities to insurance company discriminatory practices where presented by panelists which included health officials from Prince George€s and Montgomery counties and healthcare advocacy organizations in Maryland.

Congresswoman Edwards noted that the audience was €preaching to the choir,€ in reiterating the problems of the current healthcare system.

Benson urged the citizens of Maryland to act on their convictions by personally lobbying state officials. Benson said enough meetings had occurred and health can be accomplished if €citizens who recognize the urgency of quality healthcare will step up to the plate to say to elected officials, €you must now hear us.€€

Various healthcare interest groups, professional healthcare associations, and the Prince George€s County association of Realtors voiced their concerns to Congresswoman Edwards who assured them she is doing her best to bring adequate healthcare reform to Maryland.