John E De Freitas. | 7/30/2009, 8:17 a.m.

Washington Nationals interim manager Jim Riggleman held a team meeting after the Nats lost to the San Diego Padres 6-2 on Fri., July 24.

€They were still being paid for their efforts, and fans, well-deserving of sympathy on this night, were still paying for tickets. Have pride in the uniform. It was just a bad effort, and you know, you hate to even try to look for the silver lining too much. It was particularly bad early. We just played so bad early, it had the feeling we just weren't ready to play, and that's on me. I can't accept that,€ Riggleman said.

€He's disappointed. He should be. You can take anything but sloppiness. The fans don't deserve us to come out here and play sloppy like that. We're playing one of the worst teams in baseball tonight and they kicked our butts,€ catcher Josh Bard said.

€He got his point across,€ said utility player Willie Harris. €Pretty much said we played flat. We didn't go out with a whole lot of energy and he didn't like that, and I wouldn't like that either. I don't blame him for what he said or anything like that.€

The Nationals won the Saturday and Sunday games against San Diego before heading to Milwaukee on a road trip.

Washington Nationals€ first baseman player Nick Johnson is tagged out as he tries to steal second base. Photo By John E De Freitas - WI Sports Photo Editor
San Diego Padres center fielder Tony Gwynn Jr. is tagged as he tries to stead second base.Photo By John E De Freitas - WI Sports Photo Editor
Washington Nationals€ third Base Ryan Zimmerman is late getting into second base.Photo By John E De Freitas - WI Sports Photo Editor