Who is the Real Jesus Christ?

6/10/2009, 12:52 p.m.

Author Deepak Chopra attempts to answer the proverbial question €Who is the real Jesus?€ in €The Third Jesus: The Christ We Cannot Ignore,€ where he presents his argument about the enlightened master of God-consciousness. He analyzes the €God-consciousness€ of Jesus through his own words from the New Testament and reveals the manifestation of €Christ-consciousness€ which came from Jesus€ self-realization of €God-consciousness.€ He justifies the importance of certain spiritual traditions which Jesus practiced and believed in as the foundation of his teachings, lifestyle and early Christian practices.

Chopra explores the psychic phenomenon and evolution of Jesus by establishing his deep love for God, his Father. He showcases how political and religious leaders have used the Prince of Peace for their own self-centered goals.

€These two versions of Jesus€"the sketchy historical figure and the abstract theological creation€"hold a tragic aspect for me, because I blame them for stealing something precious: the Jesus who taught his followers how to reach God-consciousness. I want to offer the possibility that Jesus was truly, as he proclaimed, a savior. Jesus embodied the highest level of enlightenment. He spent his brief adult life describing it, teaching it, and passing it on to future generations,€ Chopra said.

This is not a quick-read book. It is a detailed study and a highlighter and notebook is a must. It is written as Part One: The Third Jesus; Part Two: The Gospel of Enlightenment and Part Three: Taking Jesus As Your Teacher A Guide For Seekers.

€God-consciousness is something you can work toward today. The Church has postponed redemption until some far-off Judgment Day. Fortunately, God is everywhere,€ Chopra said.