Rock €n€ Roll Icon Lloyd Price Helps other Songwriters

Inc. | 3/26/2009, 9:38 a.m.

Price understands the importance of being a great songwriter. The Lloyd Price Music, Inc. Royalty Advance Funding Program will advance cash today from music royalties that will be paid tomorrow to songwriters who are currently earning a minimum of
$10,000 annually or more from music performing rights societies, music publishers, major record labels, and/or film or television publishing houses.

€We are very appreciative and proud of our friends at Royalty Advance Funding for caring so much for the songwriters. Royalty Advance Funding has been helping hundreds of songwriters since 1988 thanks to the leadership of Mr. Parviz Omidvar, President & Founder. His clients have included Bobby Womack, Al Bell, Marvin Gaye III, Michael Jackson, Robert Bateman, and many more.€
€Mr. Parviz has shown us his vision, courage, and insight by working together with us to help these deserving songwriters, composers, producers, and their heirs. I have endorsed this program with my name, integrity, and reputation. We will do all we can to help songwriters and their families€ said Price, who serves as Chairman, CEO & President of Lloyd Price Music, Inc.

Lloyd Price Music, Inc. truly believes that a timeless song will live longer than the songwriter who wrote it. The legacy of the song will carry on forever because of its everlasting message and soothing music. The timeless hit song takes listeners on an amazing two-to-four minute musical journey with meaningful lyrics. The song originality has been created by the songwriter who should be rewarded for as long as the song plays. Lloyd Price Music, Inc. wants to help make the songwriter€s royalty payments timeless, too. Price has been helping the careers of songwriters, producers, composers, musicians, publishers, music administrators, and artists his entire entertainment career.

Lloyd Price:
  • Recorded 11 straight single records and each record surpassed 900,000 unit sales and he never used a music video to promote record sales.
  • Was the first teenager in music history to sell a million record units when the 1952 Song of the Year he wrote €Lawdy Miss Clawdy€ hit that mark.
  • Is one of the most covered songwriters in music history. According to the Rock €n€ Roll Hall of Fame, who inducted Price as an artist and songwriter, his song €Lawdy Miss Clawdy€ has been re-recorded 169 times, his song €Personality€ has been re-recorded 152 times, and his song €Stagger Lee€ has been re-recorded 269 timesHas had his songs re-recorded by legendary music icons including Elvis Presley, Paul McCartney, Joe Cocker, Roy Orbison, Fats Domino, Lil€ Richard, Mickey Gilley, Travis Tritt, Jimi Hendrix, James Brown, Bono, Billy Joel, Fleetwood Mac, Tom Jones, Wayne Newton, the Beatles, John Lennon, Johnny Rivers, Fabulous Thunderbirds, Bill Haley, the Isley Brothers, Charlie Pride and Frank Sinatra.
  • Has had his song €Personality€ used in advertising campaigns by General Motors, Weight Watchers, American Idol, the US Army, PGA and Steven Spielberg.