George Fraser Motivates Sisters4Sisters Organization

Mary Wells | 5/7/2009, 1:20 a.m.

Motivational speaker George Fraser delivered the keynote address at the Sisters4Sisters conference, held at Bowie State University on Sun., April 26. Fraser is also the author of Success Runs in Our Race: The Complete Guide to Effective Networking in the African American Community.

Fraser encouraged African American women at the conference to become entrepreneurs and provided advice for the women attendees who already have their own businesses

€We can be our own stimulus plan. We shouldn€t wait for the government to do it,€ Fraser said. €We must be the number one employer of our people. Asians are the number one employer of their people. We are not poor, but we are America€s consumption machine. We are consumers and in debt.€

Fraser said together African Americans are a $910 billion economy. €If we were a nation, we would be the 10th richest nation in the world. All of Africa doesn€t equal $910 billion total compared to the African American people. Thirteen countries in the Caribbean do not equal $910 billion. Even the citizens of the oil rich countries have only $7 billion amongst them,€ Fraser said.

Fraser, who was one of 11 children, was shifted through the foster care system until he graduated high school. €My story is a very simple one,€ Fraser said €If I made it, any brother or sister can make it.€ He told the women to convert their knowledge into a marketable skill.

€Nearly 17 percent of Black people in this country have degrees. Nearly 6 percent of the Black work force is educated,€ Fraser said. €We have sales and business ownerships. We have everything to win. Success runs in our race.€

Fraser suggested that African Americans have more business meetings and conferences like the Sisters4Sisters conference to train €our€ people to be entrepreneurs and business people.

For more information visit www.Sisters4Sisters.com and www.GeorgeFraser.com.