Prince George's County Called "Economic Engine"

Courtesy of Prince George's County | 11/9/2009, 10:17 p.m.

Prince George€s County was awarded the annual €Economic Engine€ award by the Maryland Office of Tourism Development€s for outstanding jobs creation, positive economic impact to the region and the State, and exemplary contributions to Maryland€s tourism industry.

The Maryland Office of Tourism Development (MOTD) has been charged by the General Assembly to track sales tax revenues from such tourism-specific categories as hotels, restaurants, retail, car rental, and recreation.
Prince George€s County reported an increase of 16.6% in those sales tax categories, the largest growth of any Maryland jurisdiction for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2009. In FY 2008 the County reported $37.7 million in the tourism tax codes, and in FY 2009 the amount increased to $44 million.

€This award clearly recognizes that the investment we have made in tourism in Prince Georges County is paying great dividends,€ said County Executive Jack Johnson. €By assisting high-profile developments such as National Harbor we have made Prince George€s County a top-of-mind destination for business and leisure travelers from around the world.€

€We are gratified that the State of Maryland has recognized Prince Georges County€s tremendous contribution to the State€s economic health,€ stated J. Matthew Neitzey, Executive Director of the Prince Georges County Conference and Visitors Bureau. €As the economic engine, we are truly driving tourism growth in the region and the State.€

As mandated by the Tourism Promotion Act of 2008, MOTD€s marketing budget is tied to sales tax growth in the tourism categories of hotels, restaurants, retail, transportation rentals, commercial airlines, and recreation and amusement places. Increases in tax revenue within the tourism categories will allow for greater marketing activities to attract more visitors, which in turn will generate higher tourism spending and further increases in state sales tax revenue.