Steve Harvey Promotes Kmart€s Online Layaway Kick-Off

Larry Saxton | 10/14/2009, 1:15 p.m.

Radio personality and author Steve Harvey visited the D.C. area Tue., Oct. 6 for a live broadcast of his nationally acclaimed, €The Steve Harvey Morning Show€ at the Kmart in Greenbelt, Md.

Harvey joined Kmart in announcing the kick-off of on-line layaway with its €National Layaway Week,€ Oct. 5 through Oct. 9. Online layaway at Kmart launched Fri., Oct. 9, and gives shoppers the option of using www.kmart.com to safely layaway items on a secure online network.

Harvey said it was a €no brainer€ for him to get involved with the promotion of Kmart€s on-line layaway service.

€I€ve been going to Kmart since I was a kid, when they had layaway for real,€ he said.

€Kmart is not only in the community, Kmart actually cares about the community. This new initiative that they have taken on, €National Layaway Week,€ I think it€s a great idea.€

Kmart€s researchers found that layaway interest is strong. The word €layaway€ was searched on-line by U.S. shoppers more than twice as much in August of 2009 as in August 2008.

€We have an entire generation of customers that grew up shopping online,€ said Mark Snyder, Kmart€s chief marketing officer. €Launching online layaway at Kmart engages these customers by allowing them to spread their payments out over time and better plan their spending.€

Javonna Barnes of Hyattsville, Md., has three children, 15, 12, and 10. She said that she has been shopping at Kmart since her children were babies.

€I use layaway all the time because I can€t afford not to. If you see something on sale, you can put it on layaway. If it goes on sale, you can get it at the discounted price. Kmart is the only store that has layaway now, and that makes it even better,€ Barnes said. She likes the idea of on-line layaway because, €they might not have what I want in the store, but have it on-line.€

Lavita Hines of Greenbelt, Md., said she believes she could save money using the layaway plan.
Steve Harvey Courtesy Photo
€I have three sons, 13, eight, and six, and they are all husky sizes. I tend to be a last minute shopper, and a lot of times the stores don€t have my son€s sizes. Using on-line layaway will allow me to shop early instead of waiting until the last minute during Christmas time or the fall when the season changes and I€ll be able to get them all they want,€ she said.

Purchasing items at this time of the year with back-to-school and the holiday season fast approaching can be tough. Kmart€s layaway service offers a solution that will help ease the burden on families during these tough economic times.

€With the recession the way it is, it€s hard times out here for everybody. This recession is real, and people are having a hard time. Why not make it convenient for a person? Why not lighten the burden for a person and do something for them that can help them economically? What causes us the most pain in our community is credit debt,€ Harvey said.

€You€re going to have to make the payment anyway. Why not do it up front? Put a little bit down ahead of time, pay on it and get it out. You€re not in any more debt. You don€t have go and barter away your future checks. It just makes economical sense. You always need to keep as much money in your possession as you can, just in case of an emergency. Layaway does all that. It doesn€t look like that on the surface, but if you look down deep it does all that,€ he said.