Crossland High School Student Dies after Car Accident

Carla Peay | 9/16/2009, 8:51 p.m.

Ashley Davis, 14, died early Monday morning, after being struck by a car on Tue., Sept 1 on her way to school. Davis was hit as she attempted to cross Brinkley Road in Temple Hills to board a school bus. She was taken by MediVac to Children€s Medical Center in the District where she was diagnosed with severe brain trauma. Davis was a freshman at Crossland High School in Temple Hills, Md.

Prince George€s County Public Schools (PGCPS) Board Member Linda Thornton-Thomas released a statement on Davis€ death.

€Thank you for your warm thoughts and prayers for Ashley Davis (14-years-old). God opened heaven's door for her blessed arrival early this morning. If you were so unlucky to have never met Ashley, then you missed a rare gem. She had a warm laugh, a sweet demeanor and a zest for life that only few possess. I encourage you to share her life's journey with your children and friends. We continue to pray for her family.€
Thornton-Thomas said that she stayed in contact with the Davis family and attended a vigil held at Crossland for the teenager. Several hundred people gathered on the south lawn at the high school on Thu., Sept. 10 to hold a prayer vigil for Davis. Family members had been keeping a round-the-clock vigil by Davis€ bedside, but her mother took the time to come to Crossland, where candles were lit, students bellowed out spirituals and prayers were spoken for the young 9th grader.
€We believe the Candlelight Vigil will help to heal our community and strengthen Crossland students,€ said Crossland High School Principal Charles Thomas. Photo by Maurice Fitzgerald
€Ashley is very outgoing, very loving, very caring, very friendly. I don€t think she had one enemy,€ said Nycole Davis, Ashley€s mother.

€She liked baking cookies with her grandmother, making blueberry muffins for us for breakfast, and shopping and reading. Recently, I learned she had a love for writing poetry. She wants to be a psychologist. She had so many plans; she has so many plans. She wants to stay on the honor roll and get a scholarship so she can get a good education and get her degree and help people. She wants to help people,€ Davis said at the vigil.

Several local church pastors and Prince George€s County Councilmember Tony Knotts (District 8) also attended the vigil.

€We thought about what we could do to have the kids participate because they all have feelings, they were concerned, and they needed to have something to hold on to,€ Thornton-Thomas said. €We thought that a vigil would be a great opportunity for them to express their feelings, and to share them with others.€

Several students stepped forward to speak to the crowd about their classmate and friend.

€Ashley is a sweet little girl. She was one of my best friends at Samuel Chase Elementary School and she used to always make everyone laugh because she used to say the craziest things,€ said Alexus Butler, 14, also in the 9th grade.

€We used to ride the same bus because she used to live right next to me. I called her mini me because she€s so short. I came here tonight because I just felt so bad [about her accident]. When they told me, I wanted to cry,€ Butler said.

Crossland High School Principal Charles Thomas said that the vigil was an important event for the students to be a part of.

€I think it€s good for her and its good for them. We care about her. These kids care about her. This was a cathartic experience, and they all wanted to be here,€ Thomas said.

Classmate Jarius Baker, also in the 9th grade, shared his memories of Davis.

€She was a great dancer, she was a great person and she was very willing to help people,€ Baker said. €It was really sad to see what happened to her.€

Thornton-Thomas is also spearheading an effort to make improvements in school transportation and road safety. She said that she plans to hold community meetings to address these concerns. Details have not yet been released regarding funeral services for Davis.