Do you believe that Washington Wizards star Gilbert Arenas received a fair ruling by the Court?

WI Staff Writer | 4/7/2010, 11:34 a.m.

I feel as if he got off easy because if there was intent to cause harm to his teammate he should have gotten a harsher sentence.

Derrika Durant, 22
Washington, D.C.

I feel like he received special treatment because he had multiple guns in the vicinity. Plaxico Burress of the New York Giants got two-years in jail when he shot himself accidentally. In the District, it€s illegal to have a firearm without a license. He shouldn't be treated differently than anyone else in the community.

Ernest Peprah, 22
Silver Spring, Md.
Since it wasn't his first offense the charge was a little lenient. I could understand if he didn't have any prior charges but he should have known better by now.

Erika Stepter, 21
Philadelphia, Pa.

I think the ruling was very unfair considering that rappers Lil Wayne and T.I. are in jail right now for similar offenses. He was fortunate that he could pay a good lawyer to handle his case. No one else would have received such a light sentence.

Malaika Beckles, 21
Olney, Md.

I think Gilbert Arenas should be charged as I would be charged as a Black in America. He did the crime and he should do the time. I know that celebrities get special treatment, but any normal person who got caught with two guns would have spent five years in jail in the District.

Kwabena Oforiansah, 22
Hyattsville, Md.