Legislation to legalize marijuana has become a hot-button issue among legislators

WI Staff Reporter | 4/21/2010, 9:26 a.m.

How do you feel about marijuana being legalized here in Washington, D.C.?

I'm indifferent to the legalization of marijuana. I feel like if it can be used for medical purposes, then I don't see what the problem is. So long as there is a medicinal purpose to its use, that should be lauded instead of the possible dangers of addiction.
Candice Iloh, 22

I believe they should legalize marijuana for medical use because there are so many people who can be helped by it. There are many larger things we should be dealing with and regulating. Lawmakers need to focus more on that and let people have the right to use marijuana if they need it.
Joe Phillips, 22
I think that marijuana should be legalized. Although I do not smoke personally, I have heard that the effects are kind of like being drunk. If you can legally be drunk, I don't see why you cannot smoke marijuana for medical or recreational purposes.
Courtney Holt, 20

I don't think lawmakers should legalize marijuana. It is illegal for a reason. I'm not really an expert on the effects, but I know one of my friends has a marijuana problem. It has affected him very negatively and changed him to a different person.
Beverly Martinez, 21

I think marijuana should be legalized because it will cut down on crime and arrests of youth. The punishment does not fit the crime in most marijuana cases.
Adrian Jackson, 22