Great Fundraising Strategy for Churches

WI Staff | 8/27/2010, 2:02 p.m.

A Free Resource for all Americans

Every time you or one of your church members purchases anything online at Target, Gap, Home Depot, Priceline, and over 500 other retailers, imagine part of the proceeds going to your church. Stop imagining and take just a few minutes to make it happen - ALL FOR FREE. You will be potentially supporting your church and your local newspaper (The Washington Informer) when you do:

Just go to www.my.blastoffnetwork.com/thewashingtoninformer (Click on "SIGN UP FOR FREE"). After you've signed up for free, click on "Guided Tour" for all the details.

Simple strategy for churches: After your church has signed up, send out an email blast to members and/or put a notice to members in the church's bulletin making everyone aware of this free resource for members who wish to take advantage of it.

Make sure you check with your church's tax attorney to see if proceeds to church from retailers will impact your church's nonprofit status, or if you church's bylaws may need to be amended for fundraising activity. During this challenging economy, this is a great fundraising strategy for churches.