25th Annual Olender Foundation Awards

WI Staff | 12/3/2010, 6:09 a.m.
Mayor-elect Vincent Gray stopped by on the way to his noon luncheon appointment with President Obama to present the Generous Heart award to JC Hayward and the D.C. Council's resolution honoring the Olender Foundation for its work.Photo by Marshall Cohen


The Olender Foundation celebrated its 25th anniversary on December 1st at the Ronald Reagan Center by giving its Advocate for Justice Award 2011 Award to the Human Rights Clinic of Bread for the City. The Clinic assists refugees who have been persecuted in their native countries to obtain asylum and eventually become U.S. citizens. Washington malpractice lawyer Jack Olender presented the award to two of the Clinic's volunteers, Dr. Katalin Roth (c) and Attorney Laura Parcher (l) Dr. Roth documents the scars of torture and provides her reports to Laura Parcher who presents asylum seekers cases to immigration court. Olender lauded Roth and Parcher as "unsung heroes whose great deeds are little noticed." An Olender Foundation grant will go to Bread for the City's Human Rights Clinic. Photo caption: Marshall Cohen.

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. (Pictured from l to r)On stage at the 25th Olender Foundation Awards, Dr. Marshall Breger and Imam Mohamed Hag Magid received the Peacemaker 2011 Award for their efforts to counter growing Holocaust denial worldwide and online from state department special envoy Hannah Rosenthal and Washington malpractice lawyer Jack Olender, president of the Olender Foundation.
In August, Breger and Magid, joined by Rosenthal, led a delegation of Muslim and Jewish leaders to the Nazi camps of Auschwitz and Dachau, where the Imams knelt and prayed for Holocaust victims. The Imams later issued a statement pledging "to make real the commitment of 'never again' and to stand united against injustice wherever it may be found in the world today." "At a time when anti-Semitism and Islamophobia are on the rise, these peacemakers offer a ray of hope," said Olender. An Olender Foundation grant went to the Center for Interreligious Understanding. Photo caption: Marshall Cohen