Other Letters

12/21/2010, 10:08 p.m.

Enjoying the Informer
The Washington Informer really should be commended for its innovative coverage. There are many newspapers in the city to choose from, but none takes the time to engage the community the way the Informer does. In addition to covering stories about D.C. and Prince George's County, the stories are always from the perspective of the people. The last thing I want to read is the same information I just saw on television or heard on the radio. The new look is crisp and clean and the design elements are powerful. As the demographics of the city shift and grow to include people from all walks of life, it is good to know that the Informer continues to put native Washingtonians and our concerns to forefront of their coverage. Keep up the great work.

Harold O. Wambu
Northeast, D.C.

Kudos to the Washington Informer

I just purchased my tickets to Europe based on the great Jaunts... with Shantella Sherman spread in your paper. For years I have wanted to travel abroad but felt intimidated by the idea of going somewhere unfamiliar. Ms. Sherman made Europe sound so exciting and welcoming that I decided to book a trip for next spring. The articles were also humorous and witty; something I would not have found in other publications.
Even more exciting is that two of my sorority sisters will be joining me. They, too, have become fans of the Jaunts series and found that the information Ms. Sherman provided answered a lot of the questions they had. Great job! Cannot wait to see where Jaunts takes us next.

Melissa Fisher-Fox
Wheaton, Md.

Great Council Coverage
Thanks for providing great coverage of the D.C. Council. It is always good to have a newspaper that can keep the public informed about the things its leaders are doing. Each week I am pleased that James Wright and Ben Koconis are going the Council hearings and neighborhood meetings to ensure that those of us who cannot be at these meetings know what is happening.

Yasmine Tutt
Northwest, D.C.