Local Transit Union Leadership Wins Historic Re-Election

WI Staff Writer | 2/24/2010, 9:42 p.m.

In a history-making victory, local transit union president Jackie Jeter and her team became the first slate of officials in recent years to win re-election to lead Amalgamated Transit Union Local 689. The officers were sworn in at a festive sweetheart's ball on February 13, where more than 1,000 Metro workers, donned in black-tie apparel, celebrated their commitment to safety and service. They also had a moment of silence for the five Metro workers who were killed in rail accidents over the past seven months. ATU Local 689, including some 10,000 active and retired Metro workers, is the third largest affiliate in ATU's international network. Officers photographed: (L-R) Esker Butch Bilger, financial secretary-treasurer; Roland Jeter, first vice president; Jackie Jeter, president; Larry Lockley, second vice president; and Anthony Wayne Garland, recording secretary. -- Photo credit: True Color Portraits