Why is Black History Month Important?

Asia M. Foreman | 2/25/2010, 9:03 p.m.
      2nd Place
      Asia M. Foreman
      9th grade - Dupont Park Adventist School

      Black History Month is important, because it is a time for all African Americans to remember the road that was traveled since this country (America) was founded. It is a time for me to stand tall and proud and to remember the struggle, and the purpose of my people. Black History Month gives my whole existence meaning and me a sense of self dignity and self respect...

      Black History Month is a time for me to gain greater understanding of why so many lives of my ancestors had to be lost in the struggle for my equality, my justice and my freedom. I now understand the importance of the struggle and who I am, and who I can and will be, my life has meaning and my future has been destined by the struggle, and because of Black History Month I have a sense of responsibility and self dignity that forces me to commit to the struggle of my beautiful people. Black History Month empowers me not to fail my ancestor€s legacy and the passageway they paved for me to walk.

      Black History Month is a time of remembrance for those of us who were too young to fight in the battle of equality and justice. It€s a time to give thanks for what African Americans have built, and their abundance contributions to this great country. It€s a time to realize I can not only just dream the American dream but I can be the American Dream.

      Black History Month is a time for our people to give full credit that is so long overdue and well deserved to those that helped in anyway in the struggle, to acknowledge what our people have done or are doing for the betterment of our people.

      Black History Month is a time for us to remember the successes and the failures of the past; it is a time for us to remember the bloodshed, the pain, the plight of our people and to use that to ignite us to keep rising and growing as a people, and to be conscious that the fight is not won, but appreciate that we as a people are succeeding.

      Black History month is ultimately a movement in itself of celebration and rejoice for me and my beautiful people! I am truly blessed to be an African American I am strong, I am resilient, I will not wither, I will not fall and I will continue to stand on the front lines of the battlefield for equality and justice for MY PEOPLE€.

      I leave you with the following poem that answers all my questions about being an African American!

      Lord, Why did you make me black?

      Why Did You Make Me Black Lord?
      Why did you make me black?
      Why did you make someone the world would hold back?