Activity vs. Accomplishments

Lyndia Grant | 7/7/2010, 12:05 p.m.
Lyndia Grant...

Lyndia Grant
Do you have set goals that you plan to achieve? Or, are you someone who's busy doing a lot of this and that, but nothing in particular? Think you've got to keep busy, hoping someday maybe you'll get that big break?

Well this column applies to you. Goals will create definite activity and provide direction for you. If you can't focus on the required early steps, and you believe your goal is impossible, you won't make the effort.

You don't want to be like the processionary caterpillar do you? Here is what happened to them. Years ago, there was a simple experiment conducted by a French scientist; he wanted to know what makes the processionary caterpillar follow in lock step the caterpillar ahead of it.

The scientist took a flower pot and placed a number of caterpillars in single-file around the circumference of the pot's rim. Each caterpillar's head touched the caterpillar in front of it. The scientist placed the caterpillars' favorite food in the middle of the circle created by the caterpillars' procession around the rim of the flower pot. Each caterpillar followed the one ahead thinking that it was heading for the food. The insects followed one another around for seven consecutive days.

After a week of this non-thinking activity, the caterpillars started to drop dead because of exhaustion and starvation. To avoid death, all they needed to do was to stop the senseless circling of the flower pot and head directly toward the food--less than six inches away. But no, the processionary caterpillars were locked into a lifestyle and couldn't change themselves from this non-thinking, non-changing behavior - creatures of habit!

Human beings are different from caterpillars. We have the ability to change our direction in life - although many don't. We often confuse motion with meaning and activity with achievement. We can all too readily fall into ruts, which cause us dysfunction at work, school, or home. The ruts can become vicious circles, which don't get us any further than the poor caterpillars as they traveled around the flower pot, and we find ourselves resembling them in more ways than we care to mention.

When God made man, in Genesis 1:28 scripture says "God blessed them and said to them, "Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground."

Others may say you lack direction; but it's better to try and fail your way to success than to never try at all. It doesn't matter what others think, just get back up again and get going. Let go of all excuses and find yourself a mentor, and listen to the Holy Spirit!

Vision contradicts our eyes. Don't let the current state of the economy deter you either. This crisis cannot last. Your vision is more real than your present reality. Vision and hope come from God, and gives us confidence.

There was another study conducted on the importance of dreaming. Several students were placed on a brain wave machine. Each participant was awakened once they started to dream over a three day period. Each day the students became increasingly irritable. Once the experiment was completed, their dreams were no longer interrupted and the participants reverted to their pleasant personas again.

It is important to dream while you sleep. It is equally as important to dream and have visions while you're awake.

The enemy doesn't fight you for your present; he fights you for your future. Remember to accomplish all along the way. You don't want to confuse activity with accomplishment. You could end up like the caterpillars - going in circles.

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