The Boston Celtics Defeat the Los Angeles Lakers 103-94 in Game 2 of NBA Finals

Michael Tillery | 6/7/2010, 10:46 a.m.

Ray Allen Shoots a Home Court Advantage Gift

LOS ANGELES -- Going into Game 2, the Celtics were a team written for dead. Pundits were throwing dirt on Boston's NBA Finals grave prematurely because the Lakers dominated Game 1 102-89. It seemed from the eyes of some that the C's would not recover because their nucleus was an old tired bunch not able to sustain the physical will to handle Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant and the Lakers masterful triangle.

Not last night, Ray Allen scored 32 points and hit 8-11 threes to help propel Boston to a 103-94 victory to tie the NBA Finals series 1-1 and gain home court advantage. Before Game 2, Ray Allen was out early with his normal routine of taking shots from all angles with precision and consistency. If Kobe wasn't messing around in Game 1, this was Allen's shot after sitting the bench for long stretches saddled in foul trouble.

He came out firing.

Ray Allen made more threes (8) than the entire Lakers team (5). Allen broke a record he shared with Michael Jordan and his 7 first half threes (also a record) set a tone the Lakers weren't able to match.

He shot over Derek Fisher at will in the shots that didn't come off breaks or in secondary transition. Rondo found Allen in his spots and his stroke as a result was pretty. He barely touched the net on most of his shots. The crowd had to be wet because the Seattle rain came down.
He could be the best shooter in history but chill on that.

It was Kobe's time to sit the bench because of fouls and while some of the foul calls were suspect, the Celtics, namely Allen, definitely capitalized. Allen and Bryant have been at each other for years. This is definitely bad blood.

Bryant scored 21 points but shot 8-20 and had 5 fouls. Phil Jackson said foul calls on Kobe "were unusual calls" and one would have to agree.
Ron Artest fouled out. Lamar Odom had 5, Andrew Bynum had 5. Kobe had 5 (the 5th was mad suspect). The Celtics shot 20-26 from the line while the Lakers were 31-41? Huh? Kobe is just 3-3?

You could point to a couple of Lakers and access blame:

Ron Artest was 1-10 from the field and 3-8 from the line for 6 points and was out of sorts it seemed the entire game. He was nowhere near the triangle.
Lamar Odom in two Finals games: 8 pts, 9 rebs, 10 fouls, 3-9 shooting.

That will not get it done.

Rajon Rondo: 19 points, 12 rebounds, 10 assists. That will. The Celtics are 8-1 in 2010 playoffs when Rondo gets 10 or more dimes.
Another triple double for Rondo. He is playing himself into a MVP candidate for 2010-2011.

Don't forget about Doc Rivers getting out on the floor to call a critical time out. Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce shot a combined 4-15 for 16 points while Nate Robinson, Glen Davis and Rasheed Wallace came off the bench to score 21.The bench got it done after coming up short in Game 1.

The Celtics out rebounded the Lakers 44-39 and 28 assists to the Lakers 18. Andrew Bynum had a great game in his 39 minutes and scored 21 points. Keep it up young fella. Kobe's gonna need you. Pau Gasol had 25 and 8 on 7-10 shooting.

Kendrick Perkins' 12 points were a definite factor. Robinson's scored 7 points in 6 minutes. Don't be surprised if the Lakers win a game in Boston. This series has 7 written all over it.

32 times the Finals have been tied. The winner of Game 3 has won the series 28 times. Game 3 in Boston, 9 pm EST.

Michael Tillery writes for thestartingfive.net.