Shooting and Dragging of South Carolina Black Man Investigated as Hate Crime

Taylor Media Services | 6/8/2010, 11:56 a.m.

All that is certain is that a Black man - 30-year-old Anthony Hill - was shot in the head with a shotgun and his body was then tied by rope to the back of a truck and dragged for over 10 miles along a rural road in Newberry County, South Carolina. Law enforcement followed a trail of blood and gore to the home of a white co-worker Gregory Collins.

After a three-hour standoff last week, Collins had to be forced from his home by tear gas. He was later charged with murder. Authorities are now investigating the murder as a hate crime even though both men worked at a local chicken processing plant and had been known to drink and party together.

Nevertheless, the incident is similar to the notorious 1998 Texas case in which white supremacists killed a Black man by dragging him to his death after chaining him behind a truck.

Recently, in South Carolina, three white Marlboro County men were sentenced to federal prison last December for hate crimes for burning a black man's car and threatening him with a chainsaw when he tried to use a restroom at a rural store frequented by whites.