District of Columbia Residents: Here's What's in Your Tap Water

D.C. Water and Sewer Authority | 6/25/2010, 12:09 p.m.

Annual Drinking Water Quality Report Released

The District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority (DC Water) has released its 2009 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report, the most comprehensive drinking water resource delivered to District residents each year. The report provides valuable information about the water flowing from the Potomac River to taps throughout the District.
"Water is essential to everyday life, and we are committed to delivering high-quality drinking water that is protective of the public's health," said DC Water General Manager George S. Hawkins. "Accurate information empowers people to make important decisions about their tap water. It's our goal to make sure everyone in the District knows they can be confident in, and proud of, their water supply."

Drinking water quality in the District has met all federal regulatory standards for the past five years, except for a turbidity violation on a single day in 2008. The Drinking Water Quality Report provides information on water quality monitoring, regulated contaminants and how our drinking water compares to federal standards. DC Water conducts more than 30,000 water quality tests each year.

DC Water is investing its resources in transparent and reliable information about the drinking water it delivers and how water quality can vary among homes. In addition to mandatory monitoring, DC Water conducts voluntary sampling in schools, daycares and customer homes and works closely with residents to address household water issues, such as lead and aging pipes.

Ensuring high-quality water from the Potomac River to District households and other buildings is a shared responsibility among DC Water, residents, and the Washington Aqueduct (the federal agency responsible for treating the drinking water). DC Water encourages residents to learn about District drinking water and how household plumbing can affect their water.

Annual reports, monthly water quality testing results and tips on ensuring water quality are available on the DC Water website at www.dcwater.com.

To view the 2009 Water Quality Report, visit: http://www.dcwater.com/news/publications/DC%20Water%20Annual%20WQ%20Report%202009.pdf

For more detailed information, visit http://www.dcwater.com/drinking_water/default.cfm
or contact the Water Quality Division at (202) 612-3440.