Minorities - Don't Miss The Boat

WI Staff | 5/27/2010, 12:32 p.m.

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So often in life we (as minorities) have huge opportunities in front of us; yet, we are not able to recognize it. For example, at one time an individual could purchase a McDonald's franchise for $950. Back then it seemed like a risk, but today the franchise (application) fee is $45,000. It will cost you approximately $950,000 for a small McDonald's franchise and $1.8 Million for a large one.

Another huge opportunity is crossing our paths and it's completely free - you can set up your own online shopping network which can be done at no cost to you. Everyone, just ask yourself one question: Have you ever been able to be paid every time people purchased something from a major retailer through your own network and it didn't cost you a penny to set it up?

In other words: How would you like to receive discounts and be paid every time you or someone purchased anything online from stores like Target, Gap, Barnes & Nobel, Home Depot, Priceline, and over 500 other retailers - ALL FOR FREE. It can be done in less than two minutes and you will be potentially supporting yourself and your local newspaper (The Washington Informer) when you do: Just go to www.my.blastoffnetwork.com/thewashingtoninformer (Click on "SIGN UP FOR FREE"). Don't miss this boat!

Simple strategy for our readers: Sign up yourself, quickly call 10 friends (or associates) and just forward this article (with your new website) to them before the day is out and encourage them to do the same. If they all quickly do the same, you will quickly have hundreds of people in your network and get paid every single time an individual shops online. Don't miss the boat.