Coronation Celebrates a New Reign of Howard Students

10/29/2010, 8:47 a.m.
Senior Theatre Arts major, Jeffrey Rashad Pugh, and senior Music Education major, Adrian Pruett, were honored as the king and queen of Howard University, Saturday October, 30th at Green Stadium during half-time ceremonies of the Norfolk State University (Spartans) vs Howard University (Bison}. Norfolk defeated Howard 10-9 before a sellout crowd. Photo by John E De Freitas

Family members, friends and staff gathered in the Armour J. Blackburn Auditorium at 7 p.m. for the recognition of Mr. and Miss Howard University and the royal court winners Friday.

Senior theatre arts major, Jeffrey Rashad Pugh, and senior music education major, Adrian Pruett, were honored as the king and queen of Howard University. Both contestants were surprised by the coronation ceremony as neither had been allowed to go to practice with the other royal court winners or see the ballroom until the night of coronation.

"The coronation was a strong reminder of the roles Jeffrey and I must fill and/or create. Each face in the audience was a showing of support," said Pruett.

Next, Mr. and Miss Blue and White, senior accounting major, Jamil Favors, and junior broadcast journalism major, Mia Tyree, all the other royal courts were introduced to the crowd, giving a short speech about their respective schools.

Coronation was hosted by senior broadcast journalism major, Rodney Hawkins II, and senior broadcast journalism Candace Smith.

The evening was also filled with dancing and poetry. Ms. McLeod was awarded Miss Dynasty on behalf of the 2010 homecoming committee for all her hard work.

Royal courts from other local HBCU's were present such as Bowie State University and Delaware State University.

Former Mr. and Miss Howard, Melech Thomas and Kendall Isadore were present, speaking towards the end of coronation. Brittany Brooks, Miss. Howard University (2007-2008) winner was present as well.