Trump Says He's Last Person Obama Wants to Run Against

Dorothy Rowley | 4/21/2011, 2:34 p.m.

Real estate mogul Donald Trump says he's the last person President Barack Obama would want to compete with in the 2012 election.

Trump, 64, who has flirted with the idea of running for president next year, made the comments during a recent NBC interview.

"I know many people at the White House and one in particular," Trump told Savannah Guthrie of NBC News. "The last person he wants to run against is Donald Trump. That I can tell you."

While political analysts surmise Trump's run could be a calculated attempt to attract Republican voters, Trump, executive producer of "The Apprentice," said he plans to announce if he'll run sometime before June.

He pointed at his vast wealth, standing in the polls, and willingness to take on China on trade as well as the OPEC oil prices as reasons Obama -- at this point -- might prefer contending with one of the former and current governors who are considered the Republican Party's most likely candidates, according to NBC.

However, before Trump gets the GOP's nod, he has to convince a huge contingent of skeptics that he's serious about campaigning. In that event, Trump will have to come under close scrutiny regarding his real estate holdings, gaming and media interests.

Meanwhile, the New York Post reported late last year that despite Obama's marginal success with foreign policy and efforts to decrease unemployment, and the loss of Democratic control of the House of Representatives, he appeared to be on the path for another successful campaign bid.

Ray Fair, an economics professor at Yale University, also predicted that by that time the economy might have rebounded, resulting in the possibility that Obama would face a weak opponent.