HOROSCOPES: AUG 4- 10, 2011

8/3/2011, 10:50 a.m.

ARIES Your agreement with co-workers should improve as you take steps to strengthen emotional connections. Keeping things to yourself will not pay off for you this week. Love waits for you if you ask. A message from a distant source contains a clue. Soul Affirmation: Communication is a skeleton key that fits many doors. Lucky Numbers: 48, 51, 54

TAURUS Dealing with smaller issues is the order of the week. Your soul vibrations will not attune easily to lofty subjects, long ranged plans and the other aspects of the bigger picture. Attention to details will however, give a sense of accomplishment. Soul Affirmation: I enjoy looking at the road of life sweeping just in front of me. Lucky Numbers: 33, 49, 51

GEMINI Matters relating to health need attention. Prevention is more valuable than cure. Rest and eat well this week. Your stress will be lower by knowing that you do not have to fix a relationship that has gone sour. Feel your independence and ability to travel alone. Soul Affirmation: People love me, yes they do. Lucky Numbers: 18, 22, 40

CANCER Use better judgement with regard to financial matters. Stop rationalizing. Money is important. Do something about the fact that you might find yourself broke more often than you wish. Continuing to deny it will delay doing something about it. Soul Affirmation: I find comfort in the familiar. Lucky Numbers: 1, 14, 19

LEO Move slowly concerning relationships this week. People are a little edgy and they don't know exactly where you are coming from. Make full explanations. Don't assume that they know what's on your mind. Most of all, stay positive no matter what. Soul Affirmation: Clinging to the old will inhibit my growth this week. Lucky Numbers: 6, 8, 20

VIRGO You can't be right all of time. Instead of always trying to be right, try to find the logic in other's viewpoint whether you happen to agree or not. Endear yourself to a loved one real soon, by really listening to what they have to say. Don't be so stubborn, that you deny yourself what you really want. Soul Affirmation: I celebrate will those around me. Lucky Numbers: 19, 27, 34

LIBRA This week is a good week to dump any extra baggage that has been pulling you down. You have too much potential to throw away and waste your time on issues that will amount to nothing. Stay focused on your goals. Meet and spend time with people who will be able to help you reach them. Soul Affirmation: The truth is in me. I bring it forth. Lucky Numbers: 12, 27, 44

SCORPIO Your spiritual vibes will give you insight on a situation that's been on your mind. Share your thoughts with someone close to you. Spend time with friends and family that will provide support and guidance when you make an important decision. Soul Affirmation: I enjoy looking at the road of life sweeping just in front of me. Lucky Numbers: 30, 40, 55