Murder Watch

12/1/2011, 11:20 a.m.

The streets of D.C. are not nearly safe enough for anyone who lives, works and wants to enjoy all this beautiful city has to offer. It's gotten better since the mid-80's when the District was once called the "murder capital of the world." But with three shootings that took the lives of three victims over the Thanksgiving holiday, the fact remains that our neighborhoods are not as safe as they should be. The victims, however, are our neighbors. They are mostly young African American men with families and friends who still suffer from their loss. Not knowing why the life of their loved one was taken, or by who keeps the painful wound open endlessly. Which is why two Washington residents started Homicide Watch D.C., an award-winning website originally launched last year, and relaunched again this past August. Laura Amico, founder and editor, and Chris Amico, journalist and web developer, say on their website that, "as D.C. residents, we believe that how people live and die here, and how those deaths are recognized, matters to every one of us. If it matters how someone is killed in Cleveland Park, then it matters how someone is killed in Truxton Circle, Ivy City, Washington Highlands or Georgetown. If we are to understand violent crime in our community, the losses of every family, in every neighborhood must be recognized. And the outcome of every trial -- be it a conviction or an acquittal -- must be recorded." It is not the policy of this publication to cover crime news, but we appreciate the Amico's work on behalf of the loved ones in this city we all call home. Visit www.homicidewatch.org.