Hill Prepared to Leave Library Board

WI Web Staff Report | 12/12/2011, 11:45 a.m.

The chairman of the D.C. Public Library Board says he is prepared to resign if the City Council forges ahead to name a new library in honor of the late William O. Lockridge, a former school board member.

John W. Hill Jr., who has served as a library trustee since 2004, did not provide a resignation date but said Council's intent to put Lockridge's name on the library in Southwest must pass a second and final reading, according to a published report. The report also states it would be unlikely for the measure not to pass, considering that 11 of the 13-member governing body already support the honoring of Lockridge who died in January 2011.

"I just can't be there to cut a ribbon on this library," Hill said in an interview. "It's just so difficult to imagine being in that position, especially with what I know to be absolutely true about this individual."

Meanwhile, the library is tentatively slated for opening early next year.