Horoscopes - December 15 - 21, 2011

12/15/2011, 2:05 p.m.

ARIES You can be very efficient this week if you set your will to the task. New ideas will occur to you as you are working steadily, so keep pencil and paper nearby to jot down your latest brilliance! Soul Affirmation: I will ask joy to marry me. Lucky Numbers: 1, 8, 14

TAURUS The forces that disrupt your life this week are not as big as they seem while you are standing close to them. Move back. See what surrounds the problem area and you'll notice how small it is on the landscape of your life. Enjoy looking at the goodness that is all around your problems. Soul Affirmation: I keep my attention on the highest and the best. Lucky Numbers: 22, 46, 52

GEMINI This is a week when you can be a singular beacon. Shine for those around you. Go inside yourself and find those rays of sunshine that others need. Sure you're a bit touchy yourself but that's just the situation in which you can make yourself happy by creating happiness for others. Soul Affirmation: I avoid negative feelings, especially this week. Lucky Numbers: 7, 8, 21

CANCER Business as usual is good business. Energy is high. Others give back to you what you gave to them the past few weeks. We hope you were generous because what you get this week will be a multiple of what you bestowed. Soul Affirmation: I give happiness wherever I go.

Lucky Numbers: 6, 13, 48

LEO Energy is higher than it has been for a while. You might feel like the sunshine inside yourself provides blinding light. Walk into it. There are no dangers. Put dark glasses on your soul and be cool. Smile and keep stepping. Soul Affirmation: My mental powers are my greatest assets this week. Lucky Numbers: 17, 29, 35

VIRGO High physical energy means you may roar through the week. Others will have trouble keeping up so exercise your compassion muscles and be as patient as possible. Keep your best interests in mind because they serve the best for everyone around you right now. Soul Affirmation: I savor the flavor of the happiness I find in others. Lucky Numbers: 5, 51, 53

LIBRA Charm is an extremely effective tool for you this week. Charisma works better than at any recent time especially at home. Shine brightly and let your glow work for you. Your self-image is your most effective tool. Soul Affirmation: Time is the greatest peacemaker of them all. Lucky Numbers: 3, 24, 43

SCORPIO This week make your special interest pay off in cash. Enough of goodness for goodness sake. You've got bills to pay. People expect generosity from a big hearted person like you. Ask them for something in return or they'll drain you. Soul Affirmation: Intelligent information does not have to come from intelligent sources. Lucky Numbers: 6, 8, 14

SAGITTARIUS During the next few weeks be ready for surprises that await you. Don't make any solid plans with anyone except you lover. This week will bring forth a new dimension in a special relationship. You will come upon a sensational poem that illustrates the love the two you share. Soul Affirmation: The search for fun occupies my time this week.

CAPRICORN Stay steady in your pursuits. Temptations are all around you. Attractive pursuits abound but stay on course with what you planned to do with all the good energy that has arisen in your life. Soul Affirmation: I do not allow demands to be placed on me this week. Lucky Numbers: 17, 28, 31

AQUARIUS You have made many friends through a social network you've been involved with. Continue to cultivate those friendships this week. Long distance phone calls are worth the money. Your actions will speak much louder than words this week. Prove your love and your friendship. Others might need convincing. Soul Affirmation: My imagination is the source of my happiness. Lucky Numbers: 19, 21, 30

PISCES This is no time to try to be neat. Continue with your messy thinking. Others might not know how things fit together but your faith allows you to work without a plan this week. Faith will guide you through the chaotic mental atmosphere that surrounds you this week.

Soul Affirmation: I give extra attention to my mate this week. Lucky Numbers: 20, 29, 37