Donna Edwards Visits The Washington Informer

Dorothy Rowley and James Wright | 12/22/2011, 5:40 p.m.

WI: You mentioned education would drive people back to the county. The school board has proposed year-round schooling. Is it a good idea or is not a good idea?

DE: I have a bias, I actually went to school year-round and I liked it and my parents liked it. When my Dad was stationed in the Philippines, the school year split into trimesters and a two-week break and it was not long to forget what we learned. Our [students] spend like three months trying to recover what was lost over the summer.

WI: In 2009, you introduced an amendment that passed the House Science and Tech Committee that created a bill that required a committee to monitor the participation of minorities in federally funded STEM programs. Can you update us on the status of those minorities in the STEM program?

DE: It's such as good question. There are a number of different federal STEM programs. You have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what is going on with each one of those programs. The idea behind the amendment included in the America Competes Act is to aggregate that data. We don't actually have data yet. But a better analysis and assessment would be where these STEM dollars are going. This is an effort to try to require federal agencies to consolidate the data they report to us.