Creation Begins With You

Karen Nadine Maye | 1/3/2011, 4:35 p.m.
Life is absolutely amazing! Here we are again in a brand new year. The energy...
Creation Begins With You Courtesy Photo

In a workshop that I conduct entitled, "Creating a Life That Works For You", I teach the wonderful opportunity we have to use our creativity to build lives of power and purpose, and yes fun!

Here are some key points to keep in mind:
  1. Belief - Is it possible? Do I have the power to create my life? I can't REALLY do what I want, can I? These questions often come up. As one of my teachers says, "A belief is only a thought you keep thinking." We've been conditioned to think, to believe, that we don't have the power. That we need permission from someone else OR that it's someone else's responsibility to do it for us. Can you imagine allowing someone else to live your life?
  2. Desire - Once you truly believe you do have the power, you must conceive of how you want your life to be. What will your relationships look like? Who will be in your life? Who will be out? What work will you do to express your God-given talents? What exercise will you do to maintain your health? How much money will you earn? What will your hobbies be? Where will you volunteer? Will you practice meditation to feed your soul? Where will you travel?
  3. Imagine It - Now that you've chosen what you desire, put it in pictures. The brain loves pictures. See yourself doing what you've created in your mind and your heart. Imagine the new, fulfilling relationships. Imagine the new business. Put lots of color and movement in it, just as if you we're watching a movie on the big screen, the movie of your life. Get so wrapped up and enthusiastic about it that you can actually begin to feel the truth of it!
  4. Action - Belief, desire, imagination, without works is dead. You must take action in the direction of your desire. Let go of the fear, worry and doubt. Let go of what others may say. This is your life. You believe it's possible, you know what you desire, you've imagined it, now step out on faith and move toward it.
One of my workshop attendees did just this. He was so inspired to a create a life that worked for him. He went home and started working on his dreams. He began to let go of his past beliefs, started reading books, engaging in personal development, searching his soul and asking himself what he wanted to create. He decided he wanted to be a yoga instructor. He believed it, he desired it, he imagined it, he TOOK ACTION, and today, he is a successful yoga instructor. It really works!

People in Hollywood create movies. Authors create books. Fashion Designers create clothing lines. Musicians create music. Chefs create food dishes. Landscapers create beautiful yard designs. Hairstylists create hip hairstyles. Calvin Rolark created this newspaper and Denise Rolark-Barnes continues the creation. Tom Joyner created his radio show. Oprah Winfrey is creating her OWN network. Do you get it? We are all creative beings.

The clay of your life is in your hands, and you get to mold it and shape it in any way you choose. The proof? No two people on earth are living the exact same life!

Now, what measure of heaven will you create for yourself in 2011?

Karen Nadine Maye is an Author, Teacher, Speaker and President of SpiritWorks Unlimited, Inc. Visit www.spiritworksunlimited.com or call (240) 210-0616 to sign up for her "Creating A Life That Works for You" Workshop Webinar.