1/5/2011, 9:45 a.m.

ARIES A loved one may feel a bit neglected as you pursue your material dreams with vigor this week. Time set aside for this person after you've made some gains will prove to be extra sweet. Try not to push a mate's understanding nature too far, though. Soul Affirmation: My needs will be met if I just ask. Lucky Numbers: 7, 13, 17

TAURUS Stay open-minded this week and you'll actually feel the good vibrations! Co-workers will wonder at the smile on your face, but let it be your secret for now. Your smile itself will make others smile about their own lives! Soul Affirmation: I smile as I think about far away places. Lucky Numbers: 31, 36, 47

GEMINI Big appetites this week! Indulge at least one of your passions and then get back to work. You are making incredible strides toward your dream by just reminding yourself of it. Drive carefully and pay attention to brake lights. Soul Affirmation: Smooth communications is the key to my success this week. Lucky Numbers: 27, 29, 44
CANCER Relax a bit and review your "things to do" list". Move methodically, and check off each item as you complete them. You'll be surprised by the progress you are making. Spend the afternoon with family, and friends. Soul Affirmation: This week family is the source of my joy. Lucky Numbers: 13, 50, 52

LEO Your best self is on parade this week, and wow! You look good! Co-workers will beat a path to your cubicle, so be prepared to turn chatterboxes away gently. Give your honey a phone call or send a loving email. Soul Affirmation: I open myself up to the vibrations of love. Lucky Numbers: 18, 25, 36

VIRGO This week's a good week to approach that person you've been wondering about. While you've been working very hard, you need to play, too. Good playmates make work seem more rewarding to you. Soul Affirmation: I master life by mastering myself. Lucky Numbers: 23, 37, 51

LIBRA Can you take a week off from work? It's a perfect week to relax with a loved one in one of your favorite ways. Even if you can only spend a few hours decompressing you'll be surprised at how little it takes to feel bliss this week. Soul Affirmation: I let the outer world and inner world change places this week. Lucky Numbers: 34, 45, 50

SCORPIO Vibrations this week make everyone feel as if the universe has given them another chance. Your fresh start may come in a romantic area. Buy a bouquet of flowers for your partner on your way home from work. See what happens. Soul Affirmation: I celebrate freedom of mind this week. Lucky Numbers: 15, 24, 26

SAGITTARIUS A short trip for business reasons gives you a little personal space to make some notes to yourself. Remember your best self, and keep a positive outlook. Buy a lottery ticket this week at your destination, or watch for some other type of "found" money. Soul Affirmation: I judge no one, especially myself this week. Lucky Numbers: 11, 17, 32

CAPRICORN Your home may need some of your attention. This is a fine week to check the fire alarm battery, put away gardening equipment, or redecorate your dining area. The results of a shopping trip for new bed linens will please you very much. Soul Affirmation: I keep my smile shining, especially at home. Lucky Numbers: 16, 17, 31

AQUARIUS Spend some time in the company of friends early in the week, then spend your afternoon relaxing. Your ability to tune out and mediate on the goodness that surrounds is comes easy. Let the good vibrations massage you with bliss. Soul Affirmation: I let positive emotions carry me through the week. Lucky Numbers: 5, 23, 34

PISCES An unexpected clash may arise this week from an unlikely area. Try to maintain a position as mediator, rather than joining the fray. Loyalties may be stretched, but they won't break. What you need is within you. Go there and get it. Soul Affirmation: My spirit will fill me with gladness. Lucky Numbers: 14, 37, 44