Horoscopes - Jan 6 - Jan 12, 2010

1/5/2011, 9:45 a.m.

ARIES Your leadership skills are shining this week, so get out there and glimmer with Aries Your Leadership sli;;s are shining this week, s get out there and glimmer with good vibrations. Others are looking to you for guidance and as a path to follow. Let your journey through the week provide a good model. Soul Affirmation: I let worry fly away. Lucky Numbers" 15, 16, 39

TAURUS You are brilliant this week as you gather materials and resources together for an important project. There's a good probability for wonderful news late in the afternoon. Ride the vibes and be gentle with your own feelings. Soul Affirmation: There are plenty of fish in the sea waiting for me. Lucky Numbers: 1, 42, 50

GEMINI A date or meeting that is unexpectedly cancelled may make someone very unhappy. Recognize that all things work for good, and that a better solution is being provided in the space between what you think you want and what you are getting.Soul Affirmation: This week silence speaks loudest and truest. Lucky Numbers: 20, 40, 41

CANCER Serenity is yours as you realize you can get what you need. It's coming and you deserve it! Take a few quiet moments this week to listen to your inner voice. It will give you a powerful hint about what activities you should be pursuing right now. Soul Affirmation: I let positive emotions carry me through the week. Lucky Numbers: 8, 17, 21

LEO In all of the hustle and bustle of the week this week, take some time to observe

the Now. There's a great deal to be thankful for! A great idea could come to you when you are out with friends. Soul Affirmation: I celebrate with those around me. Lucky Numbers: 39, 51, 52

VIRGO Relax the grip you have on your attitudes this week, and just go with the flow. Ease up in full knowledge that goodness is being perfectly fulfilled. Let go of any feelings of insecurity or loss and bless the perfect moment. Soul Affirmation: I quiet all confusion all week long. Lucky Numbers: 1, 5, 24

LIBRA Exhilaration is high and your mental abilities are amazing. Use your intuition to brainstorm your way to a highly creative idea that could change the way you make your living. Soul Affirmation: I give thanks for the chance to give. Lucky Numbers: 23, 46, 49

SCORPIO What you say and what you do are in harmony this week. The importance of your idea(s) comes through very clearly to others. They can see that you walk what you talk. Communicate your ideas through your values. Soul Affirmation: I give thanks for the goodness in people. Lucky Numbers: 6, 11, 18

SAGITTARIUS If you feel as if the vibes this week are mixed at best make up your mind to only receive the positive ones. Tune the transmitter in your soul to life and give your spiritual a workout. You are in charge of who you are. Soul Affirmation: I see myself as a finisher rather than a starter this week. Lucky Numbers: 7, 34, 40

CAPRICORN A benefit arrives, and there's good reason to celebrate. Claim your blessing and do the happy dance! Loving, supportive friends surround you, and family members are well behaved. Enjoy! Soul Affirmation: I speak my mind knowing that truth is my best defense this week. Lucky Numbers: 8, 50, 55

AQUARIUS Look forward to some pleasant news. There is every possibility for a renewed love affair or a refreshing new romantic interest. Free yourself from the past and make a fresh start. Soul Affirmation: I see myself as a finisher rather than a starter this week. Lucky Numbers: 21, 34, 48

PISCES Your money instincts are itchy! Go ahead and scratch, because you've got the golden touch this week. Promise yourself that you'll take at least one small step toward your dreams each day this week. You go! Soul Affirmation: I seek connection with the best that is in me. Lucky Numbers: 11, 20, 25