HOROSCOPES: JULY 14- 20, 2011

7/13/2011, 1 a.m.

ARIES Personal finance stays in focus this week, and you'll be looking at new ways of creating and managing wealth. If you keep your mind open to the flow of abundance, you're sure to be happily surprised this week. Soul Affirmation: This week I find joy in the gifts that life has already given me. Lucky Numbers: 28, 37, 44

TAURUS Lots of love and good vibrations are in the air this week. You'll be whole-heartedly open to a proposal that involves something very important to you. Keep your energy constructive and positive. Soul Affirmation: I give my busy brain a rest from worrying this week. Lucky Numbers: 16, 48, 51

GEMINI This week's vibration seems to have only a single point for you, and that is to get out and have some fun with friends. You could use the relaxation, so leave your chores undone and go have a good time! Soul Affirmation: True friendship is a mirror into which I look to see the beauty of my inner self. Lucky Numbers: 9, 13, 30

CANCER Don't under estimate the power of persuasion. Continue to persevere and stay adamant with your ideas and pursuit. The universe is balanced, so your efforts will pay off. Learn to positively distract yourself as you wait and continue to let your enthusiasm rise about all negative feelings. Soul Affirmation: I enjoy whatever life brings me this week. Lucky Numbers: 1, 15, 30

LEO Go into yourself this week and find those impulses that make you a good steady builder of relationships and long-range attitudes. You are a master at staying on the scene like a steady machine. Smile because this talent will put you ahead of the pack this week. Soul Affirmation: Moving slowly is often the fastest way to get there. Lucky Numbers: 5, 17, 31

VIRGO Patience! Patience! Make a game of patience, and it will not seem as boring. Smile as you apply yourself to routines that would otherwise drive you up a wall. Stay alert to the possibility of disruptions to habitual patterns. Make a game of dealing with obtrusions. Soul Affirmation: Cheerfully handling what comes at me is the test of who I am. Lucky Numbers: 22, 45, 51

LIBRA Things that have others upset this week will not bother you quite as much. This week is a good week to show that you can be depended upon when things get a little heavy for others. Handling heaviness is not all that tough for you. Turn this asset into a dividend producer. Soul Affirmation: Helping others is the true measure of my worth. Lucky Numbers: 20, 26, 34

SCORPIO This is a week when you can be a singular beacon. Shine for those around you. Go inside yourself and find those rays of sunshine that others need. Sure you're a bit touchy yourself but that's just the situation in which you can do yourself proud. Soul Affirmation: Shining brightly is something that I can do even in shadows. Lucky Numbers: 13, 18, 28