Organic Beauty Salon Opens in Temple Hills, Md.

WI Intern | 7/20/2011, 2:05 p.m.

Something new along the lines of hair care just hit Temple Hills, Md.: The Beauty Health and Hair Organic Salon just celebrated its grand opening -- with owner and celebrity stylist Patrice Bowie kicking off the event with radio/television personality Jeannie "Kitty of the City" Jones.

The St. Barnabas Rd. salon is also something to behold withits ornate chandeliers, deep red painted walls and photos of Hollywood legends.

"I'm incredibly influenced by music and Hollywood," explained Bowie. "I want my customers to feel like stars once I do their hair."

The idea to own and operate an organic hair salon came from a life-changing experience for the stylist.

"I decided to change my diet," said Bowie. "I completely gave up beef and pork from my diet and noticed a big difference in the health of my skin and hair."

The change gave Bowie the inspiration to educate her clients on what makes hair stronger and healthier without the use of damaging products and chemicals.

"The salon is going to provide consistent customer care, something a lot of people aren't receiving these days," said Jones, who is the salon's marketing and creative director.

"Patrice has been involved with beauty and hair care for over 10 years [and] her customers are well taken care of."

Services available at the salon include the wrap and curl, shampoo and set, and the shampoo and flat iron. The salon also offers sewn-in and bonded weaves with 100 percent human hair as well as haircuts for men. "Our mane is so important to us," exclaimed Jones. "It helps make us who we are so we have to take care of it."

In addition, Bowie and her team provide make-up advice and lessons for brides which include a trial make-up session and wedding day services.

But it's the salon's beauty services that bring out its true essence. Among them are hair signature treatments that include garlic and cinnamon, hot oil treatments done with pure honey, steam treatments, and honey suckle waxings.

Prospective customers can take advantage of discounts and receive information on events by following @BeautyHH on Twitter.