District Offers Ticket Amnesty Program

WI Web Staff Report | 7/27/2011, 4:56 p.m.

A mountain of unpaid parking tickets that add up to more than $245 million has prompted District officials to offer an amnesty program in hopes of recouping some of that money.

Division of Motor Vehicle (DMV) Officials announced on July 27 that the city is waiving penalties on late parking tickets for the remainder of the year in accordance with the Ticket Amnesty Program, which begins Aug. 1. Overall, the program is an effort to get people who may not have been paying their tickets because of accrued fees, to pay up.

"In the current economic environment, we expect that many customers will take advantage of this opportunity to clear their debts to DMV at a lower cost -- producing revenue results for the District," Mayor Vincent Gray said.

The program will continue through January 27, 2012, and all open parking tickets, citations for moving violations and photo-enforcement tickets issued before January 1, 2010 will qualify. According to District DMV, drivers from Maryland owe the most to D.C. in unpaid tickets.

While the city is hopeful of gaining at least $6.3 million from the program, its aim is for it to be as successful as the income tax amnesty program, which raked in $20 million in back taxes.

Tickets can be paid online at www.dmv.dc.gov, over the phone at (866) 893-5023 or in person at DMV Adjudication Services, located at 301 C Street, NW, Monday through Friday from 8:15 a.m. until 4 p.m.